Virus & Spyware Removal

Having an infected system can be a dangerous, and incredibly frustrating situation. Whether it’s your home or business we can help you out: remote or onsite. We come to all areas in massachusetts, and the Boston Area. 


Steps To Take When Your Your System Has a Virus

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Step 1: Run a security scan
Run a security scan using security software to check for viruses and malware. This should be the first step before calling us! 

Step 2: Remove existing viruses
You can then remove existing viruses and malware using a service like Norton Power Eraser. It will perform a scan and give you onscreen instructions. If needed, you can call Norton for technical assistance. After following the instructions, restart your computer.

Step 3: Update security system
Make sure your computer’s software is updated with the latest protections. For instance, when you’re notified of a Windows update or web browser update, it’s a good idea to install the latest version right away.

Set your security software, web browser and operating system (such as Windows or Mac OS) to update automatically. This helps keep your operating system up-to-date and ready to detect and handle the latest viruses.

Step 4: Call an expert! 

The best thing to do when you don’t feel comfortable in the removal is to call us! We will come to you, or remote into the machine to remove all malicious files, and protect your system from future attacks. 



Preventing Data Loss

Time is of the essence in a breach of security or malicious software on your computer. Whenever you suspect malicious content, turn of the machine and call us right away. We can set up backup procedures on the machine so that none of your data is to ransomware.


What People Are Saying

C Evan Solutions has consulted our business for the last years. We are based in Providence and have literally used only these guys because many people claim to be experts and they are definitely not. C Evan solutions staff are trained on the latest Google standards, policies, and techniques for making any business very successful with an online presence. Do not gamble with your business or try to go with the cheapest company with these types of services. I would recommend to anyone
William David

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Even does all of my SEO and social media. Only guy I’ve worked for that answers call on first ring whenever I call. Has really helped will sales honestly.

Sandy Carr

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